Twine Health (now Fitbit)

Update: acquired by Fitbit February 2018
Twine is a mobile and web platform focused on connecting patients with their healthcare. Twine works with organizations providing health coaching and primary care to self-insured employers and consumers. The Twine platform and coaching model results in unparalleled patient activation, behavior change and outcomes across all conditions. Provider sites using Twine have seen patient populations get 91% to reach target blood pressure, 95% weekly active users, and 100 net promoter score.

As one of two initial hires, Twine started as a collection of research papers, clinical trial prototypes and sketches. After absorbing the research, and in collaboration with the CEO, planned, documented, and help build the first feature set to productize the offering.

As owner of the road map, main responsibility is to spec, design and prioritize all feature and enhancements to the software platform. I work closely with the customer success team to process feedback from the field and ensure we are responding to customer needs. Contribute directly to the engineering team to not only monitory quality and accuracy of feature development, but also as the primary presentation layer engineer by authoring CSS, html, iconography and animations.

Formed an internal product team, a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to coordinate the definition of the Twine experience, assemble it, and deliver it to the users, while being a resource to facilitate connections between the Twine teams. The team consists of health care content expert, design and engineering resources.

The product team owns new customer training as well as setup and maintenance of internal tools for Finance (Chargebee) Marketing (HubSpot) Customer success (Zendesk) and engineering (Zenhub).

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