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Ambassador Labs web and cli tools for cloud native Kubernetes developers

Design System

To support rapid iteration with high fidelity designs, a full variant component based design system was created in figma including custom components, color definition, typography, and reusable widgets.

Design choices were guided by having a cohesive presence both in our web app as well as marketing collateral. Both brand and product designers used, maintained and expanded the same system.

Web Application Design

Ambassador Labs follows the Shape Up development framework. As a result, the design team was consistently exploring and iterating on concept as well as delivering high fidelity mocks to engineering.

The below design exploration was a concept to explain the nature of how microservices move through a kubernetes environment. A given service may be deployed in multiple cells and philosophically they are the "same" service, but each cell may be running a different image. It helps cloud native developers understand their responsibility of the life cycle of the services they write and maintain.

Context Aware Visualizations

This design exploration was centered around applying small visualization during a microservice canary release. The goal was to provide the context of the Latency, Error Rate, and Throughput of the canary version of the service being rollout in direct comparison to the stable versions that is it gradually replacing.

Homepage Design Refresh

Ambassaor Lab's process of consistent iteration also applies to marketing context. This is a homepage refresh design done in collaboration with the marketing and growth team in order to test out new positioning.

Custom Animations - Telepresence Intercepts

Some concepts at Ambassador Labs are new to even seasoned developers. For some of these items we created custom animations to help communicate the functionality. These hand drawn and coded svg/css animations were used not only in the web app, but also in documentation, and even internal training with new hires.

Telepresence is a CLI and web based tool that allows developers to seemlessly and securely reroute traffic from their remote cluster to their local services. This allows them to code and test local service in real time as if it was running remotely in the cloud.

Click on the buttons below to see how traffic is normally routed as well as the difference type of Telepresnce intercepts.

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